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Anonymous asked:

What is the difference between a PA and a RN? They sound very similar to me am I right or wrong?





Oh naw you didn’t! …

Sorry, you probably are asking this question very innocently but PAs get very disheartened by sentiments like this. No, we are not the same. PAs are educated and trained to diagnose and treat diseases. We are trained to take complete medical histories, do physical exams, order and interpret lab tests and imaging, write prescriptions, and know how and when to ask for further help from specialists, therapists, etc.

Could a good, proactive, experienced RN eventually figure out how to do many of these things? Probably, but it would be based mostly on protocol-type knowledge gained and algorithms vs well-rounded, organized medical training. This is why some RNs choose to become NPs, they want to expand on their on-the-job knowledge and fill it out more formally to fit the provider role.

Don’t get me wrong, RNs have an extremely important job. They are the ones who take care of all of the patient care orders I’ve requested, call me when I screw something up or when they know something is just not right with our patient, and deal with the real life poop, vomit, and tears situations in health care. In the inpatient world, they spend far more time with my patients than I do. I would want them to be the ones to insert your Foley catheter, start your IV and check for compatibilities, and know just how to give you your meds, because those are skills that RNs are much better trained on than I have been.

But the bottom line is that our roles and training are completely different.

I admire therunningpa so much for explaining things so well without ever being a jerk about anything. Thank you!

(Also, totally laughed out loud at that gif usage because it’s exactly how I was feeling when I read the question.)

Yes yes and yes.

Well stated!

stellarallie asked:

Do you know of any websites that have colored labeled anatomy of the human body? I can't find any. Please and thank you.



Hi Stellarallie

Good question, but hard. I have to admit I still use physical books for anatomy. Most of the images I find on the internet are from my textbooks anyway.

For specifically coloured & labelled images, Netters is the only one that comes to mind. So colourful, it’s like the place where rainbows are born.

For general anatomy resources, Anatomedia is of course the creme dela creme of all anatomy resources. Don’t buy it, it’ll cost your first born. If you don’t have free access to it, then go for google images or a combination of a few websites.

The only websites I really used are Instant Anatomy and Teach Me Anatomy. They’re both very basic and give the bare minimum. For more in depth anatomy knowledge, you have to look into the super good resources like Grey’s & Netters. Both have various websites and apps that are good. If you’re going to spend some money then I recommend having a look at the Visible Body app as well. I have it and use it a lot. It’s great for trying to figure out structural relationships. But a word of warning, Visible Body is more for looking rather than labelling & function/more detailed anatomy.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Anyone else have any good anatomy resources to help out?


also there’s this great youtube channel called anatomy zone that explains anatomy using the biodigital human website.

These are both really good not only because of the 3D-ness but also because it feels like a break from the books when you ‘just can’t anymore’ but is still studying.

letsponderthis asked:

Any tips on how to get the "cadaver lab" smell off? Sometimes I feel like I still smell like it after I shower...



It’s probably not you that stinks. It’s probably your nose. The smell can stick in your nose even after you’ve showered. 

Sniff a dryer lint sheet or lemon (or lemon scented candle). They’re strong enough to usually wipe out the smell. 

I always had to wash my (abundant) hair multiple times. I would shampoo/rinse, and then mix shampoo and conditioner together and massage and let that sit in my hair for a few minutes, and rinse again, and then condition and rinse again. That would almost get rid of the smell. :-/

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